Serving the unique telehealth needs of colleges and universities

Younger generations are more likely to choose telemedicine when compared to older generations due to cost, convenience, flexibility, and even effectiveness. Yet colleges and universities have not adapted to these changing preferences.
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Mobile App

Consumers prefer apps over mobile websites. 90% of mobile time in 2021 was spent on mobile apps. Even better, we have years of experience in building such telehealth mobile apps.


Campus Branding

White labeling boosts campus visibility and strengthens student loyalty and camaraderie. Worried about student retention? Don’t build somebody else’s brand. Build yours.

Group of medical doctors at clinic

More Choice Providers

Are your providers too busy to see students? Extend your reach to select non-campus providers. By being able to choose your own full-time and contracted part-time providers, you’re able to maintain your unique campus culture.


EHR Integration

With our Chrome browser extension, health records are seamlessly viewable across various EHRs, while remaining fully HIPAA-compliant. This benefit allows campus providers to view health records from non-campus providers and visa versa, all while being able to choose or keep your existing EHR.

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