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Telehealth mobile app that students can use to talk to licensed mental health providers in minutes

Extend your campus healthcare to select non-campus providers for superior accessibility

Administrators ask us, “What are the benefits of StudentBody.care?” The answer is simple. With StudentBody.care, your campus gets a white-labeled telehealth mobile app for students that integrates with your EHR and provides ease of appointment scheduling with campus and select non-campus providers, which leads to greater adoption, superior accessibility, better student health, and lower overall costs.

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Student health begins where they are

With StudentBody.care, students can get help when they need it most: now. Explore the benefits of StudentBody.care, and contact us today to learn more.

Mobile App

Consumers prefer apps over mobile websites. 90% of mobile time in 2021 was spent on mobile apps.


Campus Branding

White labeling boosts campus visibility and strengthens student loyalty and camaraderie.


More Choice Providers

Are your providers too busy to see students? Extend your reach to select non-campus providers.


EHR Integration

With our Chrome browser extension, health records are seamlessly viewable across various EHRs, while remaining fully HIPAA-compliant.

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Students who have the lowest rate of retention in higher education are the same students who are least likely to access mental health services when they are struggling, and mental health is a predictor of retention.

Sarah K. Lipson, SPH at Boston University

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